What makes me unique...

I believe what makes me stand out the most in the dynamic world of website design is my sincere desire to understand your company, your customer, your goals and strengths, and the ability to use this understanding to inform your site and help to find your place in the web.

I am a self-taught designer who develops customized websites for small businesses, usually on a local level. I believe successful websites are user-friendly, easily navigable, well organized, and attractive.

I am also...

An artist. (creative) I graduated with a degree in Art Education and a minor in Art History from Penn State University. I excelled in studio classes where form and function were the focus.  Like many artists, I've worked in the restaurant service industry for 8 years.  Through this experience, I've learned how appreciative people are of the little things, a quality product, sincerity, hustle, anticipation, and a smile - everybody likes a smile. Those little things, as it turns out, are actually the big things and they make the day better.

A team player.  Within a team dynamic, I am comfortable as both a leader, providing effective stewardship when needed and as a team member, respectful and aware that each person has something unique to offer a project. I enjoy working with clients and building relationships so we can continue our website and graphic design projects.  At the end of a project, I appreciate standing back to admire what we've accomplished and saying, "We did that!" In college, I was lucky to be part of a team that became collegiate national champions in my junior year...because we all worked hard and worked together. Now as a "grown-up"...I won't tell you exactly which sport I play, but I'm throwing my roller skates and helmet on as soon as I get clearance from the doctor.

A traveler.  Traveling replenishes my creative spirit, and opens me up to new ideas which benefits my design work with fresh eyes.  Beginning in high school, every year, I have taken a trip anywhere from 10 days to 3 months.  My first trip in 1996 was to Austria, playing clarinet with the Allen High School Marching Band. My most recent was to Belgium and The Netherlands in 2011. So far, I’ve made 17 excursions and visited 15 countries...(only 180 countries to go). I look forward in 2014 to a cross-country road trip with final destination in Portland, Oregon. I try to live a balanced life of work and play; as far as I can tell, it makes for a happier person....

Hopeful.  Working to someday be an optimist; can it be done? ...sure, why not?

I have special skills: